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Latest Issue:

Well here it is! The 16th issue! This is a very exciting time for us here are U.S.A.S.O.C., and we hope it is for you too. There are not many other U.S.-based airsoft magazines so we thought that not only should we make one, but one that is free! This is the 16th of many issues to come, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. First off, we all here at U.S.A.S.O.C. would like to thank God for helping us put this together, and all credit of success of this magazine goes to Him and Him alone. Also, we would like to thank all of you who have helped out by submitting your photos, articles, and everything else to U.S.A.S.O.C. This magazine would’t be what it is now without people like you. This is an over-used statement, but it’s “people like you that make this magazine happen.” Alright so what is U.S.A.S.O.C.? Well when I starting thinking about making the magazine, I wanted to make it something great so that it’s not just a “wannabe” magazine or something that is just plain crap. We wanted to give quality reviews, quality advice, and quality everything in all areas of the magazine also. Airsoft is becoming such a big sport now, and it is about time that a good, quality magazine be put together. That is how we went into creating this magazine. U.S.A.S.O.C. will feature reviews of the hottest guns and gears, team interviews with some of the best known teams, tips for bettering yourself out on the field, tactics for your teams, and many other things! But like I said before, the main goal of this magazine is to accurately help airsofters in any thing that is related to airsoft. So with that said, thank you for checking out U.S.A.S.O.C.! We here at U.S.A.S.O.C. hope you enjoy the magazine as much as we do producing it.

Thanks again and God Bless!
Nick Petrus - Founder / Associate Editor



  • "Just took a look at your latest issue, and it was another fantastic read - great job once again! ROCK ON DUDE! Let me know if you ever need anything, and we got your back - keep up the great work. Can't wait until the next issue comes out." Joesph C. - ODA 343 - U.S. Army Special Forces
  • "Like I do with most magazines when I first get them....I skimmed through and found easily three things I want to go back and read. Good job sir. I think anyone who has the brass and is willing to take the time to create and organize a magazine deserves a nod of respect. It's a lot of data to collate and all for the love of the CasinoBigStar casino game. I look forward to future issues. Let us know if you need anything."
    "THE ARCHANGEL"-MAA President President/CEO Team Paladin
  • "Two Words: THANK YOU! This is by far the best airsoft and tactical publication I have ever read. I stayed up until 3:30 AM last night (well actually morning!) reading your latest issue. Please, PLEASE keep em' coming!" Fan from USA
  • "The magazine looks great! I love the new format you are using, and the tactics are reviews are just awesome. You guys are doing good work, and I am proud to be a fan. Looking forward to the next issue when it comes out." Jarred T. - JTAC - U.S. Air Force Special Operations
  • "Very informative and interesting magazine; even though it is free, I have actually found more info in your issues then any other airsoft publication I have read." Fan from Europe
  • "Great magazine, good job guys. I really liked how you incorporated a guide to actual military tactics and showed how they are applied to airsoft. Thanks for a great magazine! Waiting for more to come!" Fan from USA
  • "Your CQB tactics were laid-out in a great manner - I wish I had those diagrams back when I was in the Regiment. Well done, and as an avid fan of the magazine, I am looking forward to future issues." P.S. - 1st/75th Rangers - U.S. Army Special Operations
  • "After downloading and reading each issue with enthusiasm, I must say that these magazines should be on all airsofters reading lists both north and south of the border. I would hope that all members of [organization’s name withheld] promote this magazine with enthusiasm as this great publication will only help promote this great sport here in Canada!" Fan from Canada
  • "The amount of content you have easily rivals a lot of printed magazines.. good stuff." Fan from Europe
  • "The magazine is great! I don't remember if I told you or not, but I found out about the publication while here on deployment overseas. Thanks for making such a quality airsoft magazine. As always, great stuff, and I can't wait until tomorrow for the next issue!" Nick W. - Riverine Squadron One - U.S. Navy
  • "U.S.A.S.O.C. - The Magazine is the best airsoft magazine out there...period." Fan from Europe
  • "Great magazine! It's fantastic - well done and keep up the great work. Congrats on its success!" Jake B. - Israeli Special Forces - Scout/Sniper
  • "Awesome stuff in the magazine guys - top notch, to say the least. Beats all other magazines out there, hands down, in quality and content. Your staff's hard work really does show! The tactics section gets reviewed a every practice with out members. I would even go as far as to say that U.S.A.S.O.C. - The Magazine should be as close to every airsofter as the Bible is to every soldier. Thank you!" Fan from USA
  • "First off- OUTSTANDING job. Being a former Marine 0311/8151, I really enjoyed your article on tactics. The bounding overwatch was what we used predominantly in the late 80's/early 90's. I believe it is still used because it works well in most situations. Second- The information you are providing is presented in a professional, concise, and clear format. The attention to detail in your webzine is very helpful, so thank you. Third- I appreciate the focus on teams/groups. Being new to the hobby and wanting to keep up with training, it helps to gather information as to whom to communicate with. I look forward to your future articles. Keep up the good work." Echo 4 Lima Marine (former) 86-90 Counter-Terrorism and E Co 2/5 Third Herd
  • "U.S.A.S.O.C. - The Magazine is the best damn airsoft magazine in the world - screw all others." Fan from Philippines